The Blushda

The Blushda

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This fill is made up of sixteenth notes grouped in 3’s covering beats 1,2 and 3 then 4 straight unaccented semi-quavers on beat 4. That is the basic structure. There is a Flam at the beginning of each group of three and a double stroke on the 2nd sixteenth note.

Next lets look at the sticking Pattern – Left hand Flam then a double stroke with the right (or didlde) and finally a left hand tap. Please check out the transcription. rL Rr L. Next you have 4 semi quavers – RLRL.

This is a tough one.

Orchestrate the Right of the flam around the kit and keep the Right hand double on the snare drum.

Next try and play quarter notes then eighth notes with the left foot through the bar.

As I said try different orchestrations.

Take your time with the fill try starting at 60 bpm


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