Drum Book Guide | Recommended Reading

DRUM BOOK GUIDE | RECOMMENDED READING Learning from books is essential for your learning and progression. Exercise books, style books and concept books are the three types you can learn from. Regardless if you are a player or teacher you are always a student and I feel these are some books every drummer should know … Continue reading Drum Book Guide | Recommended Reading

The Flam Drag | Drum Lesson | Rudiments

Ok so here is my next drum lesson for my Rudiment series. Here we look into a vital and unique Rudiment the The Flam Drag. Playing the Flam Drag rudiment is great fun and is a fundamental rudiment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJEflGaX3Vs If you haven't already check out my other videos in this rudiment series please check the … Continue reading The Flam Drag | Drum Lesson | Rudiments