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Photo Shoot Day with Adriana-Loana Cosma

‘Tonto’ Live!!


Bourbon Street 5 – Band Review

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Drumming In Whistle Binkies | Edinburgh

I had a a good gig in the live music bar Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh which went better than expected, due to lack of rehearsals but the band is months old and getting better all the time. The sound is really good and the venue is geared up well for live bands. There is an … Continue reading Drumming In Whistle Binkies | Edinburgh

Single Paradiddle | Drum Lessons | Rudiment

Hey thanks for checking out my Rudiment lesson video series for YouTube. I hope you can take something positive away from it. Here is a drum lesson for the Single Paradiddle.   The Paradiddle is one of the most popular rudiments out there and is used pretty much by all drummers past and present. … Continue reading Single Paradiddle | Drum Lessons | Rudiment