Semi-Quaver Triplets Advanced Fill 1

Semi-Quaver Triplets Advanced Drum Fill 1

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This fill is made up sixteenth note triplets giving us 24 notes in the bar of four. Each group of six is evenly played in each quarter note. That is the basic structure. There is a double stroke with the bass on the last two notes in each group of six except for beat four where the double on the bass drum comes on the third and fourth notes.

Next, let’s look at the sticking Pattern – It’s always alternate with the hands. Beat 1,2, and 3 have RLRLKK and beat 4 has RLKKRL.  Please check out the transcription.

This is a tough one but fun fill and can be used in most styles.

The orchestration is next around the kit moving the right hand onto the rack tom in beats one and three and the floor tom on beat 2.

Next, try and play quarter notes then eighth notes with the left foot through the bar.

As I said to try different orchestrations and if you really want to experiment.

Take your time with the fill try starting at 60 BPM.

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