Music Industry Trade Organisiations

AIM – Association of Independent Music   What Is It? Aim is a trade body established in 1999 to provide a collective voice for the UK’s independent Music Industry. It’s a non-profit organisation. What Does It Do? Provides information and contacts for running a label. Offers expert advice on label business areas. Provides Legal and … Continue reading Music Industry Trade Organisiations

Swing Music History

It’s post WWII 1945 and we are in the swinging 50’s where music has a clean image and a big sound that’s great for dancing and being social. It’s also mature and sophisticated music compared to guitar based rock n roll but has a definite purpose to entertain, get people dancing and create happy emotions. … Continue reading Swing Music History

Evolution of the Drum Set

It is 1865 and the American civil war has ended, African slaves were freed and began to contribute to the drumming world in terms of rhythms and primitive percussion instruments. Also in America, the place for a drummer in theatrical settings and orchestras was developing where there was a snare drum. But the main thing … Continue reading Evolution of the Drum Set

Stuart Spence | Drummer | Educator

  Hi, welcome to my site. I'm a drummer and educator available for hire and drum lessons. Check out the site and hope to hear from you soon. Cheers