Cympad Endorsement

Absolutely thrilled to announce that I am part of the Cympad family. For years I have always wanted to accessorise this part of my drum set and finally Cymapd have the answer! Their product looks amazing and feels amazing and not only that they have produced a very robust product. The material used doesn't affect … Continue reading Cympad Endorsement

‘Tonto’ Live!!


Drumming In Whistle Binkies | Edinburgh

I had a a good gig in the live music bar Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh which went better than expected, due to lack of rehearsals but the band is months old and getting better all the time. The sound is really good and the venue is geared up well for live bands. There is an … Continue reading Drumming In Whistle Binkies | Edinburgh

Drumming in the Voodoo Rooms | Edinburgh

So I had my first gig in the Voodoo rooms in Edinburgh last night as part of a showcase for the Blues Club. It was set up as a funk and blues night and featured some top local players. The venue is situated just of Princess Street and has an understated front door but as … Continue reading Drumming in the Voodoo Rooms | Edinburgh