Drumstick Endorsement

with Los Cabos DrumSticks!

Stuart Spence by Adriana-Ioana Cosma (adrianaioanacosma@gmail.com)

I’m delighted and proud to announce that I am part of the Los Cabos Drumstick family. We have reached a great deal and I can’t emphasize enough how cool this is. These sticks sound amazing, feel great and look super cool, I have decided to use the Red Hickory 8a sticks which give me the sound and touch I need when playing. The ball tip sounds light when I need it too and the shoulder of the stick gives me a nice round sound when I need to dig in a bit more. Check out their website and give their sticks a go. I can’t recommend enough. Thanks to everyone at Los Cabos Drumsticks for this awesome product and giving me this opportunity. Sx

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