Single Launch | The Bourbon 5

May 19th 2018 will mark the Bourbon Street 5 single release, “Fancy Man”. A brand new funk track created by instinctively funky gentlemen that thrive on good times and infectious grooves. You will receive with your ticket on the night, a Bourbon Street 5 armband which will take you directly to the song! Come join us for some special music and good times.

Bourbon Street 5 are a five-peice soul, funk blues band from Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Comprising of Emmanuel James Mathias, Louis Crosland, Guilhem Forey, Chatonda Ridley and Stuart Spence. They are currently hitting the Edinburgh music scene with covers and original music. When you mix a true soul and gospel singer, an incredible blues guitar player, an effortlessly talented jazz keyboard player with a chameleon of a rhythm section able to blend it all together? Bourbon Street 5 is created, with a style that has fused into their own, this infectiously groovy 5 peice band will have you up dancing for a night you won’t soon forget! Stay tuned for their much anticipated single coming out in May with their full EP soon to follow.




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