Drumming In Whistle Binkies | Edinburgh

I had a a good gig in the live music bar Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh which went better than expected, due to lack of rehearsals but the band is months old and getting better all the time. The sound is really good and the venue is geared up well for live bands.

There is an in-house drum kit which is well maintained, all you need is breakables like your own cymbals, snare and pedals. The drum kit is on  a riser which is great and has a good monitor set up for the drummer too.


There is other equipment provided such as a bass amp and guitar amps and sound system. The in-house engineer is a cool guy and is very professional and good to work with.

The venue has live music 7 nights a week ranging from open mic nights, acoustic nights to blues nights. Located on South Bridge the venue is pretty central and about a 10 minute walk from the Waverly train system.

Check out this live video playlist taken from the night where I’m playing with the Bourbon Street Band.

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Official Website


Whistle Binkies Official Site

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