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Learning from books is essential for your learning and progression. Exercise books, style books and concept books are the three types you can learn from. Regardless if you are a player or teacher you are always a student and I feel these are some books every drummer should know about. This is a list I think every drummer should have in their library.

Stick Control – George Lawrence Stone – Exercise Book

Old school is the new school as they say. Singles and doubles and everything else. Get this book in your collection. Great for stick control and switching to left hand lead.

The Art of Bop – John Riley – Style Book

Want to learn jazz drumming? Then this is a must have book. It has some of the best teaching tips and play along music for jazz drumming. Great for comping.

The Funky Beat – David Garibaldi – Style Book

David demonstrates his unique feel and signature sound in his book the Funky Beat. Learn how to funk like a pro.

Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer – Ted Reed – Exercise Book

I wore the cover off this book. A real favourite of mine. I was introduced to this book by great drummer Ryan Ross who graduated from Berklee College of Music. This book opened up a lot of doors for me and when used properly will serve you for the rest of your music career. It’s not a difficult book but you can apply it to the full set and especially jazz drumming. Great for accent playing and syncopation playing.

The New Breed – by Garry Chester – Exercise Book

Garry Chester has some huge credits to his name and this book is a must have for any drummer.

The Sound of Brushes – Ed Thigpin – Style Book

If you want to start playing brushes this is the absolute bible.

Funkifying the Clave – Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums – by Lincoln Goines & Roby Ameen – Style Book

This is a top quality book in my opinion. It serves drummers and bass players and comes playing along music and charts. It gives a great insight into how to apply Afro-Cuban beats to the drum set. I enjoyed this publication so much I even filmed myself performing my favourite track ‘You Me Songo’ Check out my videos page.

There are a tone of books, DVD’s and online tutorials out there. It’s up to you to investigate what works for you and how you learn. I like them all and I can take something away from most types of teaching and hope you can too.

Thanks for reading and please take the time to study some of these classic books.


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